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186667, Russia, Republic of Karekia, Loukhi region, Pjaozerski township


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How to reach us

The visitor centre of Paanajarvi National Park is located in Pjaozerski township. You can get there from the East, South or West. A 59 km dirt road leads from the township to the territory of the Park.

You can take a highway from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk up to Loukhi township or take a train to Loukhi railway station. Then drive 110 km to the West until you come to Pjaozerski township.
There is a dirt road (253 km) to Pjaozerski from the town of Kostamuksha via Kalevala township.

You can come from Finland crossing the border either at Suoperja international check-point (60 km from Pjaozerski) or at Ljuttja international check-point.

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Pjaozerski township