National Park

Over the high hills
On the steep shores
Of the deep lake Paanajarvi
You enter
A fairy tale...
is tangible
and colorful here
It becomes
If you immerse yourself
in Paanajarvi!

Dear friends!

We are happy to greet you on official web-site of Paanajarvi National Park!
Paanajarvi is the land of well-preserved wild nature in the north-west of Republic of Karelia, in its more elevated part constituting the ridges of Maanselkja rock formation.

The Park’s beautiful melodious name is derived from the name of unique lake Paanajarvi – the deepest among the smaller lakes of Fennoscandia - that was formed in the bedrock rift.
Paanajarvi National Park was established on 20 May 1992 by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation as a specially protected nature area of Federal importance.

In our site you will find much useful and interesting information and, which is more important, you will discover incomparable legendary realm of Paanajarvi land!